Send a Smile/Frown: Share your joy. Share your pain.

Ever since I saw this satire video produced by Microsoft UK team, I’ve wanted the ability to share my pain with Microsoft. Especially in the moment of experiencing that pain. While we can’t send a MicroStun or MicroJab to express our dissatisfaction, as shown in the video, we are able to send feedback through the Send a Smile or Send a Frown tools.

For years I’ve thought feedback sent through the Send a Smile/Frown tool ends up in a black hole, but I’ve since learned it doesn’t. Now I use it frequently. Like the other day. I encountered a bug with the table borders tool in Word and used the Send a Frown to share my pain. It was a pretty painful bug, so I ended up sending a couple frowns. Sure enough, my pain was felt and I received this email asking for more information..

FeebackTo use Send a Smile or Send a Frown, click the Simile icon in the upper right corner of an Office application or click File and then click Feedback. I always make sure I include my email address in my feedback in case they need more information, as they did with my recent bug.

Of course, they love to hear when we’re happy about something too, so be sure to use the Send a Smile tool when you find something you like. When my border bug is fixed, I’ll definitely be sending them a Smile. I’ll have so much joy, I’ll probably share it at least three times.

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